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Competency Demonstration Report for Engineers Australia

What does a CDR include: CDR contains Three Career Episodes, One Summary Statement and One CPD.
Career Episodes are made using details of your projects. These projects can either be academic or based on your work experience. If you are claiming points for your experience then we highly recommend using your experience based projects.
Summary Statement is made using the three career episodes, to summarize your professional competencies.
CPD is the docuemtn that shoes how you are connected with your field since your graduation. We can usually take the required information from your CV, still incase of missing information we will require you to fill up a short form.
We offer two tracks for getting your CDR ready
1. Standard Track
2. Fast Track
We will require 3 project reports and CV from you. In case you don't have reports you can fill a questionnaire for each Career Episode
If you neither have Reports nor able to provide Questionnaire then we can suggest you project titles and write your CEs on them.
However, please note that an additional charges are applicable in that case.
Payment Terms: 50% advance, 50% before delivery
Payment Methods: Credit/Debit card, PayPal, Payoneer or wire transfer
We provide free revisions incase of any feedback from Engineers Australia

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